Get to know the Science Media Center (SMC) Taiwan

While technological development is an important driving force in the progress of humanity, it has been guided and shaped primarily by societal values. However, due to the interdisciplinary nature in contemporary issues, adopting a singular perspective can hinder our understandings of the social environment we live in, and the challenge to bridge science and society has been deepened. Hence, the Science Media Center Taiwan was established in response to such a challenge, with the aim of disseminating accurate scientific information and providing a trusted science communication network, in order to become a platform for the promotion of social learning dialogue.

Our Goals

Issues of public concern usually come about from the interaction between science and society
We have established an interdisciplinary team of experts to provide viewpoints from multiple perspectives in order to address the science and technology challenges and disputes facing society. The priority areas the Science Media Center Taiwan focuses on include biomedicine, big data, smart machinery, circular economy, food safety, energy, climate change, air pollution, etc., where experts from various scientific disciplines come together to offer their professional opinions, in order to build consensus around these issues.
Science communication is the joint effort of various relevant departments
The Science Media Center Taiwan aspires to build an important knowledge network for the government, scientific institutions, scientists, the media and the public. Our center aims to form a bridge between scientists and the media, by translating complex scientific knowledge into a more accessible format for public consumption, in order to build up a trusted science news network that can serve as the basis of social dialogue.
Knowledge translation is a process of continuous improvement for implementer
Technological developments cannot be separated from daily life, however the pursuit of scientific knowledge has been perceived as being detached. The Science Media Center Taiwan therefore translates academic knowledge into text and data visualization that can be more easily accessible and digested by the public.
Communication is not only the responsibility of scientists, but is a job for all of us.
Communication is highly essential in the face of cross-cutting, complex issues. The Science Media Center Taiwan aims to deepen the collaboration between scientists and the media, to strengthen the mutual understanding of one another’s workflow process and rationales, and to encourage the media to make use of available academic resources in their reporting, so that through this symbiosis in their relationship would enable the power of media to allow important scientific knowledge to be more widely shared.

Our Mission

  • To establish an interdisciplinary science communication news platform where accurate scientific information and news topics can be provided.
  • To provide 'real-time clarifications' and 'special reports' enlisting relevant expert opinions which can serve as reference materials for the media.
  • We promise that expert opinions consulted on are shared in full and in a transparent and open manner on our website, which also acts as a venue for dialogue and discussion for both parties.
  • In the face of cross-cutting, complex issues, we are committed to translating scientific discussions for non-experts, so as to enhance the ability and willingness of the general public for technology assessment and discussion.

Information disclosure

Funding source: the Science Media Center Taiwan is a flagship project established and managed by the Risk Society and Policy Research Center (RSPRC) at the National Taiwan University, and its operations are being subsidized by the Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology since June 1, 2017.